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About Us

Fresh Vision Consultancy Services is the brainchild of a rather strong-minded woman who, throughout her 22 year professional career in both Law and Financial Services, discovered a real aptitude for training, assisting with processes, implementing procedures and devising simple yet effective solutions to organisational based issues. The real discovery was realising that growth (both personal and professional) does not always require a fancy suit, additional staff or increased budgets; it requires a fresh pair of eyes to analytically review what is already there in front of you and assess its effectiveness. You then harness the potential and implement new processes and strategies to improve performance. Getting the foundations right before pushing onwards and upwards is crucial. 

We can bring over 20 years of office experience, professional business knowledge and people skills direct to your table. We are here to assist you with two key elements - your IDEAS and GOALS.  

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for"

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