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Fresh Vision Consultancy Services is the culmination of 23 years' corporate business experience, people management and data analysis, alongside (rather importantly) an ambitious and strong growth mindset. Our founder, Emma, has a solid and impressive background in Law and Financial Services across both magic circle, FTSE100 and smaller high street practices thus being able to offer clients a holistic yet realistic strategy for your business whilst also factoring in the wider needs to support its ongoing development, profitability and growth i.e. training, policy and process management, evaluating systems, performance monitoring and servicing standards etc.

The real turning point for Emma in 2021 was realising that growth (both self and business) does not always require an expensive suit or large budget, nor does it always mean additional staff hiring or expenditure on new CRM tools; the quality of what is underneath is crucial - you need good building materials on a good foundation in order to create an exceptional and valuable house. This is where we can help - we bring a fresh pair of eyes to your business and strategically analyse what is already there in front of you whilst formally assessing its strengths, weaknesses and growth potential in a realistic marketplace.

Together, we harness the potential, make changes and implement new processes and strategies which make the foundations much more robust, thus ensuring a solid base for ongoing operational efficiency and business growth.  

We can bring over 20 years of experience, business knowledge, operations strategies and management skills direct to your table. We are here to assist you and support your business with the focus being on two key elements - IDEAS and GOALS.  

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for"

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