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GOALS = Growth, Optimize, Analyse, Liaise, Strategy

Have you reached a plateau where your business is doing well, but it could do better with some refocus and nurturing? Or may be you're considering an acquisition, or a potential restructure due to cashflow? It might be that you have a profitable business but behind the scenes it's causing you stress and running you ragged because you lack time. If any of these sound familiar, please contact us - we can help. 

Small changes in your existing structure or processes can often make a big difference, it's having the time and skill set to action them which is challenging. An unbiased 'deep dive' review from an external consultant often works wonders because it offers fresh perspective, detailed analysis and new ideas. There are countless options for improving productivity and business efficiency, the key is dedicating time initially to review the data, analyse what works and what doesn't, and assess the ongoing structure for handling strengths and weaknesses. This is where we come in. 

Bringing our operations knowledge and first hand experience of business growth and processes to the forefront, we can wholly review your business inside and out with an organised and methodical approach, making the process as specific or holistic as you require. We gather the facts, condense the data, analyse business performance and present our findings in a clear and concise manner. Not only do you gain valuable insight into your business, you gain something back even more precious - TIME.

Change doesn't need to be scary, nor does it need to be big or expensive - it needs to be effective, time efficient and simple to implement. 

"Time is non-refundable, use it with intention"

For Businesses: Services
Reviewing Reports at Desk

Business Review Services

You may have many questions about your business, but also have little time (or data) to determine the answers. For example: "Are our current procedures working as well as they could? Do we need more staff? Should we revise our marketing strategy?" By working closely with you, we can conduct a bespoke data gathering exercise and in-depth review across all elements of your business, determining how it can potentially be made even better. This could be analysing the quality of your client data, functionality of your CRM, or simply looking at the internal processes being used. With a discreet and strategic approach, we analyse efficiency, performance and fully review the effectiveness of all supporting systems currently in place. The resultant data is compiled into a bespoke business report which outlines our findings, details any action points and highlights our recommendations. We will go through this report with you in a 1:1 meeting, allowing complete transparency and time for discussion. If you want us to implement the proposed solutions then, of course, we'll be with you (and your staff) every step of the way. As well as business statistics, we offer you two other crucial elements - insight and fresh vision.

Website setup on laptop

Website Review & Content Drafting

First impressions are absolutely vital. Whether it be your CV, meeting a potential client for the first time or making a bold and lasting impact on your social media platforms - you want your target audience to look at you, take note and remember you (for the right reasons). You could have the best business in the area, but if your website and online presence is under par, or the correspondence going out to your clients is poorly worded and lack-lustre, you will struggle. Having your website content fully reviewed to ensure its accuracy and overall appeal to your target audience can mean the difference between thriving or surviving. By adopting a very strategic and analytical approach, we can go through your website with a fine tooth comb: we'll assess its impact on various sized devices, and meticulously assess key detail such as the spelling, grammar and formatting. We will also check the hyperlink functionality and look at any imagery configuration and layout discrepancies. If appropriate, we can re-word some of the content, or even redraft the entire site from scratch if you want us too. The control and content is in your hands, why not take the credit for it too.

Typing on laptop

Article Writing & Marketing Campaigns

You have a great idea jump into your mind, however actually getting it down on paper and implementing the same in reality (whilst juggling work) makes it seem almost far-fetched. If you don't have an in-house Marketing & BD team then it could seem almost impossible. You may also question the timing of such a great idea because of capacity concerns. So, when is a good time to do that all important (yet enormous) database review and send out 100's of letters to all your dormant clients in an attempt to reconnect with them and source fresh business? Would a mail-merge letter exercise work best? Or a social media article? This is where we can assist you. A well worded article, successful marketing campaign or a fruitful client mailshot exercise all require strategy, time and focus, which we can offer. Depending on your target audience and end goal, we can help formulate effective marketing strategies for both existing and new clients. Our specialism is looking at your existing client data and seeing if more opportunities can be generated from what you already have in front of you; sometimes a fresh pair of eyes and different vision can work wonders! Leave the approach wording to us, not to mention the hours of client data review and extraction - we can help turn that idea into reality.

Binder and Files

Template & Document Management Services

Do you have an intranet or Cloud system full of old and outdated documents? The newer material gets uploaded but the old content stays there ("just in case its needed") laying dormant and taking up space? Not to mention throwing up 1000's of results when you search. We can help. Organising documents, reviewing your folder structure(s) and "tidying up" your files and templates is one of our pet loves. This exercise can form an excellent starting point for a business review and forces you to take stock of the material already to hand. An external review also determines the effectiveness of your current templates e.g. is your proforma document in the best layout? Are your template marketing or HR letters still relevant and correct? We assess the material content and its relevance, whilst making recommendations for labelling and categorisation going forwards. If you have templates that need revitalising, checking, or simply amalgamating so you have the best of two or three documents in just one template, we can do this for you. We pride ourselves on our typing and formal writing skills; if you have a document that you want to sound formal and professional, we can assist. Similarly, if you're looking to create a precedent bank of template documents for your business going forwards then please contact us to see how we can help. We really can take the time out of typing!

Image by Kate Hliznitsova

Minute Taking & Typing Services

Over the years, technology has drastically changed how we present both ourselves and our services to a target audience. Whether it be a 1:1 video call or a group meeting in a large boardroom, it is still likely that you may require admin support to assist with formulating meeting minutes. We can help. Technology has introduced 'speech recognition' which works adequately in a smaller setting, but in larger groups or at boardroom level the software can struggle, leaving the resultant minutes often muddled and requiring extensive editing. We offer Meeting Minute Taking and Typing Services, both virtually or in person (depending on your location) whereby we can observe, document and note every detail of the meeting as required. Plus, we think there is still a certain old fashioned charm and reassurance of having your own dedicated minute taker present?! We have years of experience in this field at all levels, coupled with touch-typing and excellent transcription and formatting skills. We can ensure you get every detail down on paper. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Data Cloud

CRM / CMS Data Services

In today's fast paced and online based world, technology is crucial. Having an efficient and suitable Client Management System (or Customer Relationship Management system) in place will undoubtedly promote more effective management and storage of your client data. However, transferring your data from one CMS / CRM to another can be very time and labour intensive, especially if you have an older style system in place which is likely not going to have an easy 'Integrate' button. If required, we can manually transfer all of your existing client data over to your chosen new CMS in a timely and accurate manner. Even if your records are held in a very basic Excel file dotted around various PC folders (it isn't unheard of!) we can look at ways of getting it ready for import and assist with the manual transfer. Our job is to get your client and key business data in the best shape possible whilst keeping it accessible yet secure. We are striving to give you (and your staff) back something priceless - time. Leaving you free to fine tune your client servicing quality and push your business forwards.

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